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Quality control of high temperature magnetic drive pump

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Product quality is an important cornerstone affecting the development of enterprises. In recent years, accidents caused by product quality problems have led to the loss of enterprise or national property. Therefore, strengthening quality management has become the top priority of enterprise development, and quality problems have become the focus of the industry and the whole society. How enterprises should strengthen quality supervision and how to improve product quality has also become a problem that enterprises must solve.

For enterprises producing high temperature magnetic drive pump, the same is true. In the past, many traditional magnetic drive pumps also had many quality problems in production and application, such as oil leakage, air leakage, poor sealing performance, low operation efficiency, excessive energy consumption and so on. In view of the above problems, Shanghai lingnai special magnetic pump Co., Ltd., as a R & D manufacturer of special magnetic pump, has specially formulated relevant regulations and measures for quality problems in the whole plant.

high temperature magnetic drive pump

1、 Evaluate the "special quality supervisor" and clarify the quality monitoring standards and regulations

If an enterprise wants to ensure the improvement of product quality, it should first clarify the responsibility management system within the enterprise. We must pay attention to the quality supervision and management system, staff management and training system, and relevant clear reward and punishment system. To this end, Shanghai lingnai magnetic pump factory has specially formulated a set of professional production supervisor system, which has clear provisions on supervision application, selection procedures, selection and supervision regulations and quality scoring standards. Ensure that each high-temperature magnetic drive pump produced by the factory must strictly meet the relevant quality supervision standards before it can finally face the market and accept the test of users and the market.

2、 Professional division of labor, system management, clear responsibility person and reward and punishment system

Once there are quality supervision standards, they must be strictly implemented. When enterprises delegate power to people, they must give corresponding external communication rights and financial control rights. With responsibility, we must have rights and obligations. Start from the source. If there is a problem with the material, the material quality inspection department will be responsible; In case of problems in production, processing and parts, the relevant person in charge of each process shall be responsible; If you do well, you will be rewarded, and if you don't do well, you will be severely punished or laid off. The enterprise has earnestly implemented the division of labor management and the reward and punishment system for responsible persons, which has played a positive role in safeguarding product quality.

Quality supervision is an eternal topic for production enterprises. Quality management involves all aspects. In order to implement it, it also needs to be supported by strict quality management standards at all levels. In the production supervision of high-temperature magnetic drive pump, Shanghai lingnai has never relaxed its vigilance. It is precisely because of this intention and professionalism that more high-quality high temperature magnetic drive pump products will be produced, which will eventually be recognized and praised by the market and users.

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