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Get rid of the limitations of traditional industrial technology, high pressure magnetic pump design reaches a new height

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High pressure magnetic pump is a new centrifugal chemical process pump based on centrifugal pump, which adopts magnetic coupling to realize non-contact transmission of torque, no shaft seal, full seal, no leakage, corrosion resistance and no pollution.

Magnetic pump is a leak-free fluid conveying machine without dynamic seal. So as to solve a series of problems of "running, running, dripping and leaking" in the traditional oil transportation in the industry. It is widely used in the production process of chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating and other enterprises to transport corrosive or non-polluting, relative density below 1.84, viscosity similar to water, no iron filing impurities and The liquid of solid particles is especially suitable for the transportation of flammable, explosive, volatile liquids and toxic and precious media, and plays a huge role in industrial transportation.

high pressure magnetic pump

Compared with the traditional mechanical seal or packing seal centrifugal pump, the new generation of High pressure magnetic pump is designed for the centrifugal pump in the vane pump, the structure is not complicated, and the maintenance is easy. Usually composed of pump body, isolation sleeve and connecting parts, a shielded and sealed cavity that can withstand pressure is well adapted to the problem of pressure encountered in transmission. There is a rotating permanent magnetic field outside the sealed cavity. Under the action of the permanent magnet, a stable magnetic field can be generated, and through the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic rotor components inside the sealed cavity are driven to rotate synchronously, while the rotor components inside the sealed cavity are rotated synchronously. Drive the impeller to perform work on the fluid. Since there is no dynamic seal in the shielding and sealing cavity composed of stator components, and the rotating shaft driving the impeller to do work does not pass through the shielding and sealing cavity, thus ensuring zero leakage and no pollution of the magnetic pump.

In the new research and development, the transmission of the coupling becomes a synchronous drag, and there is no contact and friction. The power consumption is low, the efficiency is high, and the vibration damping effect is provided, which reduces the influence of the motor vibration on the pump and the influence on the motor when the pump has cavitation vibration. It also does not require separate lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.

"The only thing that changes is the new, and the changes cannot be followed." To develop an enterprise, it needs to keep up with the new development of the times, and it should continue to innovate. Shanghai Lingnai magnetic pump keeps up with the market demand, is determined to innovate, actively forge ahead, and insists on offering good technical craftsmanship. Society, get rid of the limitations of traditional industrial technology, keep improving in the R&D and manufacturing of magnetic pumps, reduce potential safety hazards, improve work efficiency, and create infinite possibilities with higher quality.

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