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High pressure magnetic pump helps the rise of new chemical industry

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In the new era, the chemical industry will face three important issues. The first is to build a green chemical industry to escort the construction of ecological civilization; the second is to promote the innovation of chemical products to realize the high-end chemical industry; the third is to create an intensive chemical industry and establish a good trend of intensive chemical industry.

For chemical companies, in order to successfully complete the above three topics, it is a crucial mission to promote the comprehensive upgrading of the chemical industry.

Traditional magnetic pump, due to technical reasons, its own drawbacks are still obvious. To this end, in order to create high-quality domestic magnetic pumps, my country's magnetic pump manufacturers have strengthened investment in science and technology to promote the quality of magnetic pump projects and escort to build a green chemical enterprise.

Adhering to the goal of serving the green chemical industry and holding high the banner of innovation, Shanghai Lingnai has developed a high-performance, energy-saving and durable CQBG high-pressure magnetic pump, which is well received by the market. CQBG high pressure magnetic pump has the following advantages.

The first is high efficiency. For any enterprise, time is the benefit, and saving time can increase the efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, when developing the high-pressure magnetic pump, attention should be paid to the optimal design of the structure to effectively improve the working efficiency of the magnetic pump.

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Second, the resource utilization efficiency is high. When using the magnetic pump, the enterprise pays the most attention to the resource utilization efficiency. In the production process of the CQBG high-pressure magnetic pump, scientific research is the core, and its performance is optimized and designed, which effectively saves the effective utilization of resources. , which is of great value in reducing the cost per unit output value of chemical enterprises.

Third, it is environmentally friendly. If the sealing performance of the magnetic pump is not good, it will cause leakage and leakage, which will affect the production space and product quality. In severe cases, it may also cause damage to ecological civilization. The new generation of CQBG high-pressure magnetic pump has undergone numerous experiments to make its sealing better, and its optimized design makes the parts seamless; in the production process, quality control is carried out throughout the process, so that the design blueprint can be perfect. Reflection; professional guidance services can enable customers to use them correctly. Based on the above three major advantages, the magnetic pump has received rave reviews.

Fourth, the service life is long. Because the CQBG high-pressure magnetic pump selects excellent materials, it has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and these high-quality properties can effectively extend the service life of the high-temperature magnetic pump. Cost savings for chemical companies also help a lot.

A century-old project requires excellent equipment to provide strong support. Shanghai Lingnai adheres to the concept of scientific research and innovation to create high-quality high-pressure magnetic pumps to escort the development of my country's new chemical industry.

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