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High-pressure magnetic pump takes scientific research as its core, new technology leads the innovation and development of the industry.

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Innovation is the inexhaustible power of enterprise development and the core driver of economic progress. When the information age comes to people at an accelerated pace, industries must not only adapt to the all-round changes brought by the digital wave, but also take this opportunity to carry out scientific research and innovation to provide more power for industrial development. High pressure magnetic pump is an important segment of the pump industry, in recent years at home and abroad sales and use are steadily increasing, in the face of the progress of the times put forward more demand, high pressure magnetic pump production and research and development enterprises also by virtue of innovation to meet the investment one by one, open the door to the development of industrial innovation.

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Speaking of high pressure magnetic pump innovation, we have to mention the traditional high pressure magnetic pump presented by the use of the problem, due to traditional manufacturers have limitations in the optimization of the structure, resulting in a long period of time, the domestic high pressure magnetic pump facing energy consumption, after years of innovative development before gradually buy into the product standardization stage. Driven by innovative enterprises, the current production level and sales level of China's high-pressure magnetic pump has caught up with the international level, many high-pressure magnetic pump products also began to be exported overseas, becoming the national economy has brought a new increment.

High-pressure magnetic pump is a very common type of magnetic pump, Shanghai Lingnai magnetic pump as the representative of the enterprise through the insight of the traditional high-pressure magnetic pump of the drawbacks of technology to carry out product innovation, to create a new generation of high-pressure magnetic pump in line with the needs of the times, the use of a wider range of scenes, and more obvious performance than the traditional products to improve.

The new high-pressure magnetic pump to achieve a completely leak-free amount of market demand, in terms of product specifications have clear and strict requirements, such as when the use of non-metallic isolation sleeve, the thickness needs to be maintained within 8 mm, while the metal isolation sleeve is strictly controlled within 5 mm, in order to reduce the internal wear and tear of the equipment and reduce the difficulty of later maintenance.

In response to the implementation of the concept of environmental protection in the new era, the new high-pressure magnetic pump uses environmentally friendly materials to reduce the energy consumption and waste of resources in the production process of the product itself, thereby reducing the impact on the natural environment. After the finished product is put into use, it shows more good low energy consumption characteristics, which can save the cost of enterprise resources and reduce the generation of waste, and help the full implementation of environmental protection from the details.

The new high-pressure magnetic pump, with many leading advantages, has now become the choice of many enterprises, industrial development prospects are very bright, the future is expected to combine more science and technology to achieve product performance upgrades, in social development, enterprise production and construction to play a more important role. (Text/SMEDIANEWS)

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