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How to Choose a High Temperature Magnetic Pump? Remember These Three Key Points.

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According to incomplete statistics from market research, less than 70% of users know how to choose high-temperature magnetic pumps. Many people are unable to choose the right product due to lack of purchasing experience and insufficient knowledge of the product characteristics of high-temperature magnetic pumps. There is also a large portion of enterprise buyers who purchase based solely on past procurement standards without updating their needs. Even in the customized mode, they may not be able to buy products that completely match their actual needs.

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In fact, the production technology of pump products is constantly evolving, and product performance has subtle differences. If enterprises can master more purchasing skills, they can be better prepared to make wise purchasing decisions. To select the right high-temperature magnetic pump, buyers not only need to understand their own needs but also need to understand the products of the supplier. Remembering the following three points can save time and effort during the purchasing process.


High-temperature magnetic pumps have a wide range of uses, and buyers should first have a clear positioning of their own needs and choose the specific pump type according to the medium. Generally speaking, different media require pumps with different parameters. For example, if the enterprise needs to transport flammable, explosive, or toxic media, they can choose a pump type with reliable shaft seals or a leak-free pump. If there is a need for corrosion resistance, it should also be specified in advance. It is best to clearly list the different media that the enterprise needs to transport so that manufacturers can meet the user's needs by tailoring, recommending suitable pump types, and other methods.

Pump parameters

Different pump types have different parameters, and high-temperature magnetic pumps can also be divided into many different models. Therefore, buyers need to have a detailed understanding of the device's flow rate, temperature, pressure, and other parameters, and select products with appropriate parameters based on their intended use, in order to truly tap the value of the product.

Cost issues

For enterprises, both the purchase cost and the subsequent maintenance and repair costs can be considered as the cost of purchasing pumps. When choosing, enterprises should not only consider the current preferential price but also examine the high-temperature magnetic pump's subsequent durability, service life, maintenance, and other issues to better save costs. Taking the high-temperature magnetic pumps produced by Shanghai Lingnai as an example, they have a reasonable selling price, and the frequency of subsequent maintenance and repair is low, resulting in fewer long-term costs, which greatly avoids the worries of enterprises.

The pump market is mixed, and high costs do not necessarily ensure that buyers will find good products. To purchase truly high-quality and practical products, buyers must have certain purchasing knowledge or recognize reliable manufacturers, such as Shanghai Lingnai and other companies with a long history of development and quick and timely after-sales service. (Article by SUNMEDIA)

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