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Installation and maintenance of high temperature magnetic drive pump

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CQB-G type high temperature magnetic drive pump installation precautions:

1. After installation, gently rotate the coupling by hand to check whether there is friction.

2. In order to prevent debris from entering the pump body, a shower is installed at the inlet of the pump, and the size of the shower plane or the surface of the object is 3-4 times larger than the size of the cross-sectional plane of the pipeline or the surface of the object.

3. Dry running of the whole pump is prohibited.

4. The pump with high head should be equipped with a check valve on the outlet pipe to prevent damage caused by water hammer when it stops suddenly.

5. The sequence of opening the pump: open the inlet valve before opening the pump and fill the pump with the liquid to be transported; close the outlet valve; turn on the electric hoist to check whether the steering of the pump is accurate; after the pump starts to work, the outlet valve should Do not open quickly. After the pump reaches the normal operating conditions, adjust the outlet valve to the required value. Test run for 5~10min, if there is no abnormality, it can be put into operation.

6. Close the outlet valve; cut off the power supply; close the inlet. When the pump is not in use for a long period of time, clean the flow passage in the pump and cut off the power supply.

high temperature magnetic drive pump

Precautions for maintenance of CQB-G high temperature magnetic drive pump:

1. The CQB-G high temperature magnetic drive pump is absolutely not allowed to work under dry friction and when the outlet pipeline valve is closed, otherwise the sliding bearing will be damaged. It must work synchronously with the motor. If the pump fails, it indicates that the maximum torque of the magnetic coupling has been exceeded. It should be avoided to work for a long time under unsuitable conditions.

2. Under normal working conditions, vibration, loud noise and power increase occur, indicating that the bearing wear should be checked immediately. When placed for a long time, if the conveyed liquid will crystallize or solidify, use a suitable liquid to flush the pump.

3. The failure of the magnetic coupling does not mean that the permanent magnet is damaged. However, working for a long time in a failed state will cause damage to the sliding bearing due to its low speed and poor lubrication of the sliding bearing. The rolling bearing of the high temperature magnetic pump is a deep groove ball bearing, which is permanently lubricated by its own grease, but it is also regularly checked and replaced regularly.

4. The rotor components and drive components have high magnetism. When assembling and disassembling the Mittic magnetic pump, the magnetic force range should be considered. It may have a certain impact on the power and electronic devices. Pay attention to keep a certain distance.

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