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Cause analysis of damage of isolation sleeve of high temperature magnetic pump

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Cause analysis of damage of isolation sleeve of stainless steel normal temperature magnetic pump and high temperature magnetic pump

Magnetic pump consists of pump, magnetic driver and motor. The key component magnetic actuator is composed of external magnetic rotor, internal magnetic rotor and non-magnetic isolation sleeve. When the motor drives the external magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non-magnetic materials, drive the internal magnetic rotor connected with the impeller to rotate synchronously, realize the non-contact transmission of power, and convert the dynamic seal into static seal. As the pump shaft and inner magnetic rotor are completely closed by the pump body and isolation sleeve, the problem of "running, emitting, dripping and leakage" is completely solved, and the potential safety hazard of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful media leaking through the pump seal in the oil refining and chemical industry is eliminated.

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Damage to the front and isolation sleeve: the magnetic coupling of the magnetic pump is cooled by the medium delivered by the pump. If there are hard particles in the medium, it is easy to scratch or puncture the isolation sleeve. Sometimes, if the maintenance method is improper, it may also damage the isolation sleeve.

Second, the problem caused by the large fluctuation of pump operating conditions: the axial force of magnetic pump is automatically balanced by hydraulic equalization. In actual operation, if the operating parameters fluctuate greatly, it is easy to destroy the hydraulic balance of the magnetic pump, so that the sliding bearing bears large radial and axial forces, resulting in bearing damage.

Third, no medium or small flow of conveying medium: dry rub the bearing and burn the bearing. The magnetic pump is lubricated and cooled by the conveying medium to the sliding bearing. Without opening the inlet valve or outlet valve, the sliding bearing is damaged due to no conveying medium lubrication and cooling.

Fourth, problems caused by pump cavitation: the main reasons for pump cavitation are large pipe resistance at the pump inlet, more gas phase of transmission medium, insufficient pump filling, insufficient energy head at the pump inlet and so on. Cavitation is harmful to the pump. In case of cavitation, the pump vibrates violently and the hydraulic balance is seriously damaged, which will lead to damage to the pump bearing, rotor or impeller. This is a common cause of magnetic pump failure.

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